Email to SMS on Consumer Cellular

The old Cingular AT&T email to SMS gateway works for Consumer Cellular customers. What this means is that you can email a text message to yourself. Here’s how it works…

Email Address:

Email Format:
Must be text only

Email Size:
Must be limited to 255 characters

I tested this today from my gmail account to my iPhone. No problems at all.

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  1. I’m having problems with my phone from Consumer cellular. I rec’d a replacement phone and my husband and I talk with each other, but I called my daughter she could not hear me. I’m getting very frustrated. We are going out of town and I need to be able to reach family and they reach us. I have talked with their support many times and I sort of get different answers. I need a workable phone and I hope you can help me. CarolHall—–

  2. Did you accidentally hit the mute button? Did you try to call her more than once? I’ve had Consumer Cellular for a few years now on my iPhone and never had a problem like that.

  3. Which button is the mute button? If it’s the green button then do I have to hit it twice to call someone?
    Never had this problem until now.

  4. Just wondering if someone could call me. I’ve been on the phone much with Consumer Cellular and haven’t gotten anywhere. My husband used his phone this am and called our home number and let a message-when we check our messages-there should a message was there-but nothing play. I just don’t know what is going on. We had our orignal phones and 1 1/2 years with no problems now all a sudden this is happening. Got replacement phones and things are still not working right. Could it be something is the programing. I need some help

  5. I don’t feel that this is too important a feature…at least for an outfit like Consumer Cellular.

    Consumer Cellular is gearing all of their services towards the senior market…this is why they are the exclusive distributor of the Doro line of cell phones…and most people 75+ years old or more aren’t interested in this type of stuff.

    What do they want? As my father says, “A brick with an antenna. No bells, no whistles, just let me make a call.” And these are the phones and services Consumer Cellular specializes in.

  6. You’d be surprised. I’m barely a senior (age 52), but I switched to CC from ATT. I’m tired of paying for services I don’t use. Since we both work different shifts usually, one of us is usually home, so the 2x minute usage doesn’t come into play…and we still have full Wifi access if we need data. This last step lets us email texts while the other is at work and not use 2x the messages. All for about 40 bux a month!

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